Thursday, December 07, 2006

Too many sms

I like this guy as a sort of friend. I have known him a long time. He used to often bother me with phone calls. If I mentioned something like actually meeting, like lunch near his workplace in the city, he seemed to run a mile. But still he would ring. Eventually in a state of exaperation, I sent him a very to the point email. I never heard from him only a couple of times for couple of years.

At a weak moment, under the influence of the wicked Scottish Doctor, I sent him a late night sms vaugely apologising for our lack of communication. It all started again, except this time it was sms, not phone calls. For a while it was a bit of fun, but the sms are now so relentless and demanding, I have started to not answer them. I answer the ones that are easy and the rest I ignore. He complains a little at times, but he must appreciate that I don't sit at a desk being bored all day. I have a limited amount of time to sms and I don't like having my nose in the phone when R is home. Nose in the pc is ok, of course. We take turns.

I suppose he will get the message eventually that I like to hear from him, but not six times a day.

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