Tuesday, December 12, 2006

That time again, the stats

Seems a while since I have looked at the blog stats. What have people been steered to my blog about over this last period. This one is of concern, 'kiddie pedo fun'. No man, not here. You might have found the words but not the content.

Top of the list was 'is Hidetoshi Nakata gay?' I wish! Take a look for yourself here and see if you can work out. If he is please let me know and I will propose marriage.

The usual 'turn off Telstra 101'. I repeat, you switch it on with your phone, you switch if off by phoning Telstra.

Torn labia was there. Are you still getting hits for that Andy?

Most of them make sense to me, but Curlewis Street Jewish Murders? No idea.

Rent boys Mexico? Not really sure. Maybe a combo of Hecho en Mexico and rent boys.

Men's nipples sensitive? Only some mens are. The rest just need training.

Cristoli is yummy. Eat some today.

I will follow up this one into the detail though. 'Fines for misuse of communication cord.' I don't believe we have them anymore.

Safeway, Balaclava? Avoid it.

Stills from hot session with Simon Rex video? Ah yeah, the MTV host jerking off.

Cyclists bulges? Hmmmm

Adjectives for hate? You won't find those here, maybe some intolerance and grumpiness, but no hate.

Largest hung bitches? Go away please.

And I am unsure of the sexuality of Noah Hathaway and Scott Maslen too.


  1. Stopped taking notice of the stats now, but a look tonight showed that the labia stuff is still present, but not as frequent. Some other really weird shit in there, might have to do a post on it soon....

  2. Anonymous6:48 am

    bahahaha, largest hung bitches. Thats hi-larious.

  3. Anonymous6:20 am

    Damn funny post.

    Someone googled One Night in Paris and... found my blog! Not quite as exciting as Paris Hilton in a risque position, I am sure.

  4. Give them the benefit of the doubt Rosanna. They want one night's accomodation in Paris......oh, that doesn't sound much better.

  5. hey there! I just made a blog about Hidetoshi Nakata
    Including his pictures. drool away :P

  6. Thanks Bulan. I was steered to another site recently too. You haven't got any bare top pictures though. Feel free to use mine at http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g191/highriserceleb//
    and the web site for other pics is http://www.nakata.net/