Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Open letter to Ms Fits

I don't believe Ms Fits reads my blog. I doubt she would have time to read anyone's blog. She is a busy person. She pops up in the paper, on the tv, the radio and of course is a respected blogger on the net.

Someone alerted me to your identity some time ago. I was impressed. Then I see you in print, on the wireless, on tv and I am subscribed to your blog.

Last night when looking for some info on something or t'other, I came across heaps more about you. Like the tv show Last Man Standing and a kiddies show and an award.

Not being a Herald Sun reader, I missed the attack and identity outing that the Bolt made on you. You gotta be doing something right if the Boer Bolter has a go at you.

Then something else came together, that women and her cop husband who rode motor bikes from England to Australia and updated us weekly on the radio.

I am half way through reading a book about your grand-daddy. What a fascinating character. The book for which he is best known still intrigues me. I met his sister before her tragic and untimely demise when she lived in a high rise in Beaconsfield Parade. We had a friend who lived in the same building. She was just as foul mouthed as you can be and she was always amusing. She had the cutting wit of a drag queen. And, I am old enough to have seen her on tv. My grandmother used to cover her mouth trying not to laugh in front of us kids when your great aunt came up with some double entendre. She was not the prettiest person on tv and always self deprecating about this, but she was not a person who you did not notice or could ignore. A much more niaeve Melbourne back then was very shocked when she died.

So Miss Fits, you have fine antecedents and I think some of your great aunt's talents must have rubbed off onto you. I expect we will hear a lot from you in the future.


  1. who is she related to?

    who is she?

    i've been reading her blog for a while, but know none of this

  2. She had an interesting post up about balls. Did you answer?

  3. I don't recall the post Jah Teh. Don't think I answered it.

  4. I'd never heard of her before moving to Australia and starting blogging. I was quite suprised by how many bloggers, especially in Melbourne, are in total thrall to her. She is very talented though.

  5. I answered Kiki's comment privately.

    Jah Teh, was it big balls she wrote about? I love big balls.....lots of pretty dresses and men looking handsome in their suits.

    Pomgirl, she has only been known widely for about six months. That is the mystery. Never heard of her and then she is everwhere. I can't say I am inthralled with her blog though. I do always read it though. Looks like she has done the hard yards though.

  6. Actually it was a question about whether men had the same obsession about the largeness of balls as they do about the largeness of the rest of the equipment. A real cock and ball post.

  7. I now live very very close to the (unchanged) childhood home of the extremely talented Miss Mary from Lerderderg Gorge. Foul mouthed maybe, but not so small as to be spiteful or mean.

    RYWHM blog ran a nude photo of herself exactly when I first started blogging, so, as you do, I ran a nude of myself.
    well for fks sake there was the biggest carry on. her friend Under Whimsy Not Wild, attacked me for not being a feminist.
    Under Whimsy frequently complains about not having a BF. I know why, and it's nothing to do with being pretty or not (as she claims).

  8. Of course you're a feminist, you're drinking beer aren't you?

  9. Jah Teh, I don't think men obsess over the size of balls, or even gay men. Personally, I do like a set that hangs well and you can get a grip of them.

  10. Crystal, I had forgotten about her living in 'the Marsh'. She used to mention it.