Sunday, December 10, 2006

Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus

We attended last year and the year before.

This year our numbers were well down. Declinations and cancellations poured in, mainly due to it being a bluddy hot day. Dame M phoned three times during the day to encourage us to go, even though she was not going herself.

We thought we would just wander along for half an hour and come home after a couple of drinks.

Dame M's last call told us that C and K were there already there and had saved us a seat. Dame M calls them the 'mountain cattle women'. Ok, we will go. C & K are a couple of older lasses and somewhat stereotypical of their kind. They live on a large block at The Patch, they have two large dogs, they drive a station wagon and they have just spent six months camping all over the Northern Territory and South Australia. Oh yes, they both drink like fish and smoke like chimneys, rollies at that (make your own). We had a good time with them.

For one who is always whingeing about the heat, I did not find it too uncomfortable in the Prahran Market courtyard where once again we saw the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus and the Melbourne Rainbow Band perform 'Christmas Carols'. Maybe it was just because we stayed soberish and payed close attention this year that the performance seemed much improved on previous years. There was also a lot more audience participation. The day of people holding up their cigarette lighters has past, so we now make do with a mobile phone with the screen lit. It was a lot of fun.

Today was going to be a family catch up to celebrate my brother's birthday, a picnic or barbecue in a nice park perhaps. Alas no one wants to sit in thirty seven degree heat breathing in smoke from the bush fires, so I guess we will just be cooped up in my mother's small house with air con on.

(So that is the weekend that was Mirebella, well almost)

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