Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I understand that now, if you want to become an Aussie citizen, you have to define mateship. Fortunately I think it is a multiple choice question and I hope the alternative answers are ridiculous.

The only person I have ever heard utter the word mateship is our Prime Minister. What an odd fellow he is, but clever mind you.

I could not put mateship into words and nor could I define Australian values, but I don't think that it or they are so different from what happens anywhere in the world.

While there are some very notable exceptions, generally, people around the world care and look after their neighbours and their friends and are charitable towards those who have less than themselves.

Somehow, our PM thinks this is perculiarly Australian. Isn't he a funny little fellow?


  1. Anonymous6:46 am

    Australian Mateship is calling everyone and anyone whether or not you know or even like them "mate". N.B. Can also be used sarcastically as if to say "pffft, you ain't my mate, mate."


  2. i heard downer on the radio this morning use the word 'mateship'. he was talking about our relationship with the US and how we would always be there, through the good times and the bad.

    i changed the station until the interview was over

    i turned back too early and i heard Condaleeza (sp?) Rice say "australia is, at this current time, probably Australia's greatest mate and ally"


  3. You picked up the lingo well Jess.

    I heard it too Kiki. Cringeingly.