Friday, December 01, 2006

Hunk from the past

He is wasted on his wife, with whom he cannot perform. But put him with a guy and he is an animal.

To me, it is the perfect male body, even if his six pack is no longer as obvious as it once was.


  1. Fatten him up a little.... give him a double helping of R's lasagne.

  2. No, no Jo. Pefect already.

  3. I agree. Perfect. Lovely. I'm breathing heavily ...

    I get so sick to death of all the pics of steroid-built men that we see today. They don't do a single thing for me.

    Going back for another look ... yum!

  4. Very nice Andrew, how old were you?

  5. 37 to 42 Jah Teh


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