Saturday, December 16, 2006

The dumb and the cruel

This women has done nothing for the reputation of blondes or models. According to witnesses her phone rang while she is out walking the baby and the pusher rolls into the Adelaide's Torrens River and the baby drowns.

She was just stupid. Read about it at The Age.

Also from The Age, this bloke is very lucky I am not a magistrate. I would have sent him to jail for a long time for his hour spent shooting at and killing endangered fur seals. His life ruined indeed. Seems the ploy worked as he received a lenient sentence. I hope the prosecution appeals.


  1. You have my total agreement High guy.
    But baby now safe in heaven with all the others who escaped from dreadful parenting, so my real sympathy goes to all the people desperately trying to have a loved wanted and cared-for child, who see this news and WEEP. Our blogpals the Muriels, and a Melbourne blogger I read yesterday praying that this round of IVF will work ... all unwillingly childless people want to kill this dopey jogging Olympic training cover girl twit. kill her slowly.

    and I cannot even follow the seal link - I am such an animal lover and so mentally unstable I would track him down and rip his face off.

  2. I'm with you on the seal killer. I reckon he should have lost his boat and gear, thus his livelihood, preferably having the boat scuttled underneath him.

    About the baby, call me suspicious , but these sort of stupid accidents often turn out not to be so accidental.

  3. Anonymous2:52 am

    That story is one of the strangest I have ever heard. Thanks for alerting me to it!

  4. There well may be more to the baby story, but hopefully not another Azaria tale.

    If you compare his punishment to illegal fishers in our nothern waters, he got off lightly.