Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dim Sim

Those of you who don't live in Melbourne may not know of our slightly famous place to buy a dimmie (dim sim) and those of you who don't live in Australia may not know what it is. If this is so, look it up as they are hard to describe.

Our slightly famous place to buy dim sims is the stall at South Melbourne Market. It is a family business that has been there for years.

The first crack came when I spotted 'famous South Melbourne Market dim sims' in a shop in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. My image of the family sitting around the kitchen table making dim sims dimmed.

Then their premises were done over by whoever checks cleanliness of premises these day and they were convicted and fined. But the queues did not diminish.

Now their factory has been been done over by the health authorities and they are convicted and fined again.

Well, I guess 'home made' is a freeish type term.

At the moment the stall is closed due to renovations of the market, due to re-open soon. I doubt it will have any impact on their trade at all.

The family who owns the business is of Asian extraction and all of the youngers speak perfect Australian. I was served by the older mother the last time I was there, she too speaks in perfect Australian. I am not sure about the stall founding father who recently died.


  1. Is the dimsum place really closed? Was planning to check it out some time soon (yeah yeah, I've got a lot of things on my wishlist but this was featured on Getaway recently) but now, you've saved me from a trip to no where :-).

    I've been a lurker before this Andrew - but jz thought I'll drop a note this time. Have a good week hey.

  2. Thanks Mirebella. Yes, it is but temporarily. I will mention when I know it has re-opened. Some people say the one inside the market is better. It is still open, but I think the one that is closed is better.