Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dame M where she belongs

A friend's brother is getting married today. Dame M told R it is to be at Werribee Park Mansion.

Dame M went on.

"You know Karl", her late hsuband, "put in a tender to buy the place in the seventies".

"I had visions of being Lady of the Manor but I am glad he did not succeed as I no doubt would have ended up sitting at the front door selling tickets. I think the Catholic Church bought it (snort)"

(Photo courtesy Tourism Victoria)


  1. IE7 just deleted my comment.
    I can't remember what I said.
    The food is supposed to be great and the building inside is beautiful.

  2. I saw the interior in maybe the late eighties. It was in a similar or perhaps bit better condition than Ripponlea.

    Given the Melboune zoo, that is the gvt, owns Werribee Park, I wonder what the status of the house and it's land is?