Monday, December 04, 2006

Bad Days

In spite of getting many things done today, I feel I had a bad day. I just went through the motions and made at least one bad call, but nothing serious. I rarely feel like this, but today was just one of those days when I felt on edge, slightly pissed orf at nothing and dissatisfied.

The good:
Got car washed and vacummed.
Cleaned car interior windows.
Cleaned balcony, an over one hour job.
Had coffee out.
Investigated putting cmas lights on the balcony. That is a visit to an electrical shop and a phone call to step father.
Went for a walk with R to a recently renovated hotel in South Melbourne, The Water Rat (previously known as Druids and a couple of more recent names) corner of Park and Moray Streets, and had a couple of Stellas. The pub is stunning!
Had a souvlaki on the way home.
Watched a most interesting tv tale about the Bullen family of Bullen Circus fame.

The bad:
Woke up feeling crabby, most likely because I stayed up too late last night.
Went to Vintage Cellars and paid a premium price for bottles of wine instead of making more of an effort and driving on to Dan Murphys.
Experienced stress when parking meter would not work, even though I was only in Vintage Cellars for two minutes.
After not suffering from hayfever for years, I suddenly had an attack and I now remember how miserable it can make you feel. Fortunately it passed quickly.
Wasted too much time on 'the net'.
Wondered what the point of all this blogging is and will I ever have anything ever again to blog about. Seems I found something to say.

But my day was not too bad compared to Kimmie's. He was dumped as leader of the Federal Labor Party. While I wasn't keen on his political 'angles', I do feel he is an honourable an decent man. Then to top his not so good day off, his younger brother died this morning from an out of the blue heart attack.

Puts my problems into perspective a bit.


  1. Mumma never said they'd be days like this. ;)

    Chin up. It could always be worse.
    I'm sorry to see Kim go. I thought he was a good bloke too.
    Kev looks too much like a younger, blonder, version of little Johnny. :0

  2. re The Beezer: If he is strong enough to lead, then he is strong enough to cope with the crash.
    (Whenever I see pollies get weepy as they say goodbye, I always think it must be tears of RELIEF to be out of it.)
    Of course " he is a nice guy" ...but a 'politician' is what is needed.
    Steph is right on the money when she says Rudd is a Howard clone and that is very clever of the ALP.
    As you said in your earlier post 'howard is the best politician'. You would not want him at your backyard BBQ, but he is good at politics.

    [oh drat I am signed in as my evil twin Crystal, but really it is me Brownie the nice one]

  3. Steph, I am certainly reserving my judgement on Ruddo, but doesn't he come across as a bit of smarmy git?

    Agree with you about the tears of relief Brownie, but then I reckon some boredom might set in. especially for the long servers. Where is the sparkling Crystal anyway? Leading her much more interesting life than yours no doubt.

  4. I hope you had a better day yesterday Andrew.
    I love the Water Rat - the food is fabulous, prices are reasonable, and they mix an excellent martini. And I think one of the best features is the elegant atmosphere. Just avoid it on a Fri night - the atmosphere totally changes. I made the mistake of booking dinner for a quite catch up with the girls one friday evening, and it was HORRID - loud, crowded, doof doof music and jam-packed with young-ish posh-bogan pub crowd.
    Sunday afternoons, however, are very civilized with live jazz, and it's a great place for a business lunch.

  5. I thought you would know it Altissima. We went past on the Saturday night and it was spilling out onto the street.