Saturday, December 02, 2006

4WD Bullbar

I am sure regular readers can guess how I feel about 4WD vehicles in the city. There was one nearby our place the other day in front of the police station and a cop was taking photos of the monstrous wrap around bull bar with a nasty protrusion at the front, perhaps for being winched.

The car was big and and the bull bar threatening, but to be fair, it did look like the vehicle had seen some serious off road work. I was hoping that the owner was being prosecuted.

It occured to me later that perhaps he was seeking appoval for his surround defence protection.

I wonder if the Toorak blonde bimbos know what people think of them when they alight from the large shiny black monster? They represent so much I dislike about our fair city and country and it fascinates me as to how the stereotype so often fits.

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