Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Vanuatu is some poxy island in the South Pacific full of French speaking people who like to overcharge Aussies who visit there. Although it was equally governed in it's earlier days by Britain and France, it has decided it is French. So let the bloody French look after it!

We are expending huge dollars trying to look after all these troublesome ex British colonies in the South Pacific, so let the French take a bit of responsbility for one of their own.

And how come all these tin pot islands have such good relations with New Zealand and turn up their noses at Australia? Hey when the going gets tough, I don't know that NZ will have the resources and money to help you.


  1. Anonymous8:03 pm

    I admire your skill in packing so many factual errors into so few sentences.

    1. 83 islands (inhabited ones) actually.

    2. They haven't 'decided they are French'. The French are so pissed with this that....

    3. They spend more aid money in Vanuatu than either Australia or NZ. But the biggest aid spenders of all there are the Chinese.

    4. They don't 'turn their noses up at Australia'. I just came back from there yesterday (to my home in NZ actually) and AusAID is well spent and much appreciated by the locals.

    5. They don't overcharge Australians who visit. The biggest rip off of all is the mass purchase of coastal land by Australian and NZ speculators from corrupt and naive local chiefs at knock down prices and the on-selling of sections by those AUSTRALIANS to other Australians at mark ups of up to 2000%. All the rip off resorts are also owned by Australians, who pay their local workers shit wages.

    6. French is spoken somewhat less than English, but the only common language that they all speak is Bislama.

    I won't talk about your typical boring bullshit about the relative performace of NZ and Australia, but the SMH and the 'Australian' this morning (in respect of Fiji) that both point out that Wellington seems to know how to relate to the Pacific while Canberra doesn't. But then you're from Melbourne so I guess if it isn't in 'The Age" it doesn't signify.

  2. In these days of the net, I use many sources for information and news, including the two mentioned broadsheets. It is good to get a personal perspective though and I thank you. The essence of what I am saying, admittedly not well made, is that ex colonial powers need to take a bit more responsibility for the countries they exploited and then bolted from.

  3. Anonymous4:36 am

    Well - you could argue that the British bolted, but the EU presence in Vanuatu is very large, and the British now contribute through that.

    The problems are still huge, although Vanuatu remainspeaceful and currently has a growth rate of 6.9%. However the reason why Australia and NZ remain heavily involved is primarily strategic self interest - unless they keep it up China would almost immediately become the biggest presence in Vanuatu and the whole Pacific. That's what they aqre aiming at and they arespending almost without limit to achieve it. The only thing that stops them having got there already is their inability to understand the culturesthey are trying to manipulate.