Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Media watching

Let us see. What is around in the media lately?

Sadam Hussein sentenced to death. So much for civilising influence of western countries. Australia and the UK don’t have the death sentence. In fact it was overwhelming public pressure that put an end to it in Australia. It is rather odd that our PM along with UK PM Blair are both very happy with the death sentence handed to Hussein. I don’t think this is how I want my PM to represent Australia’s view, not that I care about Hussein.

The battle over who will lead the Victoria for the next four years. I have yet to hear a visionary statement from either leader. They are both reactive. Naturally I will vote for the party I am a member of, the Greens. No matter what they may screw up if by perchance they were in office, at least I will still have an Earth to live on. What could be more important than the basics?

Betty Battenburg has a bad back. Too much time on her feet standing and slow walking. Slow walking will always do your back in. Pip should give her some massages. Hope he doesn't get aroused though, to the point of some very non monarchy respectful images in my head.

Some bloke has finally kyaked the length of the Mekong. I am impressed.

Was the phrase 'skanky ho' invented for Britney? Seems like she has ditched another partner. Who cares. Not even sure if it was her or someone else. She makes Paris Hilton look like a class act.

My friend in Sydney reckons Madonna is 'vile old tart'. Well he is a bit younger than me and does not appreciate the finer things in life. How do you choose from one of the starving millions in Africa? If I were rich like her, I would probably do the same ego indulgence. Perhaps her money would be better spent on doing something positive for more African kiddies, like making their life bearable, but within their own surrounds.

Interest rates are up. McMansions are under offer by mortgagees. Get in for your bit of slum clearance while you have your chance.

Our building suffers badly from wind tunnel effect. But after visiting the Bureau of Meteorology today, via a circumtuous route, to buy calendars for cmas presents, nothing could be as bleak as Docklands when a howling southerly wind is blowing.

Getting personal. Back to the news.

I made a forecast many blog posts ago, that Labor would fall in NSW at the next election. Another minister bit the dust today. Their only hope is to dig up Robert Askin and put him on trial for corruption.

I spent five minutes today looking for news in English language Japanese online papers of the Japs winning the Melbourne cup. Found nowt. Not a big story in Japan. Melbourne is fond of over estimating its importance.

Tip for Margaret Pomeranz, of The Movie Show. There comes a time in life where it is better to cover up bare flesh. I think you have reached it hun.

The Diane Brimble trial goes on. My take on it, she was a pretty good person who just decided while she was on a ship cruise, to hang loose and get a good rogering. She chose unwisely, but she didn't deserve to die. The ugly creeps who did this need to be locked up for a long time. Ugly, ugly men.

Was it an anniversary of Wave Hill? The local coloured people went on strike for five months, or was that five years, did I hear? Bugger me old man Vesty. We have come a long way since then??????

Day after day I remember that their are webcams on Sydney's Taronga Zoo, but every time I sit at the pc, I forget to look at our new elephants from Thailand. Do I have to stuff a one hundred baht note in their trunks to look?

Ok, I will conclude with some personal. Cute hairdresser in Brunswick Street, do not reach up and expose your smooth bare and slim stomach to me when you are cutting my hair. And the side view with just a glimpse of your lower back where it starts to extend to your buttocks ass, does terrible things to me. Perhaps I should forget about blogging and go back to being a sex fiend.


  1. apparently margaret is a strong activist for actors to have 'real sex' in movies. as in to actually do it.

    that means margaret is some kind of sex fiend. imagine her, in all her wrinkled glory, at a nudist colony!

  2. Bare stomach and arse and you call me obsessed!


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