Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm on a tram

Anyone who answers their phone when they are on a tram invariably says this. I am on a tram. And then they answer the question as to where they are.

I waited quite a while for a bus today to go into town, but as they are so quiet, it is my preferred travel vehicle. Ill sotto, or something like that.

I caught a tram home in a standing position. No seat for me. Some pre teen chick gabbling away on her phone about how poor she was. Umm, I can't afford to do fifteen minute mobile phone conversations. It costs too much. Obviously Daddy was paying.

Her loud pre teen conversation was really bugging me. Summer Bay, OC, dvds. I should have moved away. Before I knew it, I had five people talking on their mobile phones around me. I was surrounded, 3oo degrees, by people talking on their phones.

R gets home from work around four in the afternoon. It was four fifteen. He could have called me to find out where I was and make it a 360 degree circle.

Selfish prick went out for an exercise walk instead. Don't worry about me being surrounded by weird conversations. I would have looked who was calling, answered and said 'home in five' and hung up and it would have been free.

I just don't get this need to talk so much on mobile telephones. They are a convenience communication device and an sms instrument. If you want to talk a lot, you use a land line.

When I was young/Back in the old days, we had to make do with two tin cans and a bit of string, that is before we advanced to a party line telephone. For you kiddies, that was a shared telephone line between four houses.

I am an aged person struggling with modern manners.

Or perhaps a blond private school girl talking very loudly on her mobile phone and putting on a show really pisses me orf.


  1. Pfft, now you're showing your age, you grumpy old shit.

    A lot of the time it works out cheaper to talk on the mobile than the landline, particularly with some plans/deals offering free calls at certain times, or anytime if they are on the same network.

    Personally, I do all my outgoing calls on the mobile, and the only reason I have the landline is so I can have ADSL. If that wasn't a requirement, I would have cut the thing off years ago.

  2. I never get a call because my sister is the only one with the number and our calls are free. She usually just leaves a text message because it's half an hour for me to find the thing in the bottom of my bag. I don't want to know what's going on in some stranger's life, it's boring so Andy b can add me to the grumpy old shits list.

  3. if i'm on a tram, i have my big headphones on with music really loud


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