Monday, November 27, 2006

Idol Au

I tried kiddies, I really did. The venue, the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House, was fantastic, the crowd great and if you were there, no doubt the atmosphere was as exciting as it felt on tv.

But what a boring, boring show. It was to decide a winner, that is choose one person from two. How could they possibly string it out for hours?

I stuck it for half an hour and then remembered that a stray hair had grown on my shoulder and needed plucking out.


  1. My parents watched it. I felt like throwing the remote at the TV.

  2. Anonymous1:57 am

    God that show is so lousy. But damn it is so addictive! We were attempting to watch the webcam live version here in Austria just to find out who won.

    I will never understand how they always manage to drag it out. It becomes so painfully slow, and dull. So why is it a ratings winner?