Friday, November 10, 2006


I am undergoing the trauma of a blah blah birthday next year. Being a bah, humbug sort of person, I did have an idea of being out of Australia for the occasion. Don't have to do parties. Don't have to smile sweetly and say thanks for coming. Don't have say sorry, it was not great, but we had an ok time didn't we? For one of R's significant birthdays, I paid for an overnight stay at Melbourne's Sofitel, and I can highly recommend it. It was fantastic. But for obvious reasons, high rise hotels do not have the appeal to me that they once did.

Sadly R's holidays don't fit so well into my birfdy, although they do a bit.

Dream trip of Europe, been there and done it from my chair. Maybe in the future.

US, challenging. Hawaii might be a small taste.

Fiji or Bali could be considered.

Canada, nice but the weather is not great. (this comes from a Melbournian)

UK and visit R's rels? Could be ok but as a full on Anglophile when I was younger, I think I would be disappointed to see it now? I will keep my romantic ideals.

After our great holiday in Viet Nam, we promised to go back and travel to Bangkok from Saigon via Cambodia. Hasn't happened yet.

Then there is Japan where our friend is, and I would really like to see Japan as well as seeing our friend.

But you know what peoples? There are bits of Australia I would really like to see.

My mother was telling me of her last weekend's Sunday drive. She and my stepfather went to Mount Worth State Park in Gippsland. Her description excited me muchly. Steep hills, stunning views deserted farms, damp bushland etc

R went to Perth last year or year before and thought it was great. I would like to see Adelaide again and see what has changed in twenty plus years. I have never been to the Buchan Caves, the Victorian high country, the Snowy Mountains, the Otways and the Grampians.

I would really get as much pleasure from seeing these places as would travelling overseas, probably more. Especially as I hate air travel over long distances.

Of course money is an issue too. Isn't it always.

I dunno, and I refuse to have a birthday next year.


  1. go to japan

    possibly the coolest place i've ever been

  2. Anonymous2:33 am

    I vote Australia. It's such a beautiful country, and why venture overseas when you haven't seen your own backyard?

    Sorry my blog is logistically retarded and wont remember you. I remember you... does that count?

  3. My sister and I want to go on the Indian/Pacific then Broome to Darwin and home on the Ghan, gold service on the trains is supposed to be fantastic.
    The kind of holiday I like, sitting down.

  4. Kiki, Japan does fascinate me.

    Rosanna. Of course you remembering me counts. Sweet. But if Oz is so good, why are you where you are and not here?

    Marvellous holiday Jah Teh. You could probably pay for the airfare and visit twenty European countries for the same cost. Nice that you get on so well with your sister.


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