Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Exploiting the poor and pretty hats

Isn't that what gambling on horses is about? It was, years ago. Your hard working family provider would often gamble away his wages on the gee gees.

I had a gamble today. I do every Melbourne Cup. Last year I lost, but that is the first year that I have over many years.

I put a bet each way on every race. It make the day interesting.

I sms R yesterday to pick up some gambling slips on his way home. I allow some extra for mistakes. Shredder will be busy tomorrow. I spent half an hour studying the 'form' last night and then opted to go for names I liked and filled in the cards accordingly. As I had to work today, R put the bets on this morning and again, the whole TAB system had changed. It cost me $30, instead of the $20 I had allowed.

While out doing my work, I saw many pretty sights. Beautiful hats, lots of female flesh.........lots of goose bumps and shivering. Melbourne Cup Day is a thing to behold. Sadly Melbourne did not turn on the weather but at least it did not really rain, but it was ever so cold with a high wind chill factor.

For the first time, I noticed Asian Australians participating. I have been watching for this for years and it has finally happened to a small degree, and girls, when an Asian born chick dresses up good, you have real competition. Never mind the Asian guy who I saw wrapped up in traditonal garb.

At work, listening to the ear phone wireless receiver, after five races and not winning or placing anything, finally I had a win on the sixth race. The Melbourne Cup is the seventh race. This is the race that stops a nation, and like or not, it does. You don't have much choice about it.

It is hard to describe the suppressed feelings you have when you are on your own and your chosen horse wins. Better still later when I learned R had chosen the same horse, but with more faith as he put more money on it than my one dollar bet each way.

Aw, crying Jap jockey who does not speak English. My heart goes out and my eyes fill with tears.

By 4.30, I was at Dame M's cup day barbe, which was a bit flat as not many turned up. But the food was great and the company ok. We all shivered together. I was home with pen poised to record the race results from the evening ABC news, but, hmmm, not sure why, they don't seem to do that anymore.

Checked the TAB website for results of later races that I had not heard, and I picked a winner in the last race.

Investment by us both, perhaps $40. Return a few hundred dollars.

Given I don't like horses, scary flighty creatures that they are, they did well by me today. Sorry Kiki and Jess.


  1. Anonymous3:33 am

    Melbourne can't give nice weather, but it sure as can deliver a party.

    Thanks for the news from Melbourne, lovely to hear this!

  2. Which fashion commentator hasn't said "Before you know it, the Melbourne Cup will turn into a glorified horse race" ?

  3. I stayed home, put the feet up and opened the champagne and watched the tarts freeze in dresses that a respectable drag queen wouldn't be seen dead in. The truly elegant don't bother with competions.

    Sis got all her oldies in the diningroom to watch and she'd gone down the day before to put their bets on, including the 91 year old whose first read in the morning is the form guide.

  4. I came back to tell you that the horse that won on Saturday, War something or other is 18 hands high and 600kgs and that is one huge horse. Dad was in racing nearly all his life and the biggest horse he knew was 17 hands and it was a winner too.

  5. sorry kiki and jess?

    what for?

    i had a gamble. put a $50 bet on the trifect.
    i won
    i was happy
    the return was somewhere between 3000 and 4000%
    i can't remember exactly what, i was so trashed / exstatic
    i had a good day - as you may be able to tell now by my just returning to the blogosphere

  6. Kiki, I meant about that I don't like horses. You obviously do, as does Jessie.

    Andy, you are looking so thin. Did I see you in the fashions on the field?

    Interesting Jah Teh, but not suprising I guess. As we get taller, so do horses. What was Phar Lap?

  7. Ah, and Kiki, I am a bit short this week. You must be good for a quid.

  8. Anonymous1:05 am

    Here's an article on the win that appeared in the Japan Times:-


    Your Hirosaki-based friend!!

  9. i'm allergic to horses...


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