Saturday, November 25, 2006


An air con unit had been removed from a building at work. It did not look big in situ but sitting on the ground in front of me, it was huge.

'No matter how big it is, it still did not work adequately', commented a workmate.

(Has anyone guess where this is going? I have used the words big, huge and big again)

The person who spoke, I have lusted after for a long time, like twenty years, and my lust was requited in a minor way at a cmas party many years ago. He is from Mauritius and has black African antecedents. He was so handsome when he was young, nice and trim with a very nice bubble butt. And, we all know about how hung Africans are. But from the years ago brief encounter, I cannot recall how he shaped up in that area.

I have not flirted with him at all since those many years ago. I am one for the chase, not the kill. (character defect screaming out loud). We just chat about work or other inconsequential stuffs. But he started it again, to my surprise, so I will continue. He has put on weight now, as we do, and has smoke stained teeth, but there are enough remnants of the twenty year ago person for it to still work for me.

Back to the air con unit. 'You see, bigger is not always better. What do you think Andrew?'

I suppose my loins did twitch a bit when he said this. 'Maybe', I replied, cursing myself for my lack of a clever response.

But was he telling me he is small down below? I recall he had an affair with the local work tart who I doubt would be interested in someone 'small'.

Am I not sad or what? One sentence from a straight guy, I am conjuring up all sorts of scenarios.
Anyway, I am not going to be caught on the hop by him again. I have our next conversation choreographed down to finest detail. He will be sorry he started the flirting up again. I am older now and much less niave.

Workplaces can be boring. It passes the time.

(Code for TJ: GC and SD)

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