Sunday, November 26, 2006

Critters in the 'burbs or ecological disaster

Lorikeets. Pretty birds. Noisy though. Arrived in St Kilda about five years ago I think. Desirable address for many. Now wide spread all over Melbourne.

Pelicans and swans on Albert Park Lake? Maybe they have been there for a long time.

Increased number of ravens in Melbourne. We don't have crows in Victoria, only ravens. Don't they make a mess when they empty a rubbish bin.

Then two or so years ago, sulphur crested cockatoos appeared. They are are seriously noisy and their numbers are increasing.

I dare not mention possums that abound. Too controversial.

Kangaroos hopping about in the outer burbs.

Has Melbourne created a natural environment so that the critters are attracted here? Is it the long term dry conditions that have driven them into the city? Is it land clearing that has reduced their habitat and they are driven to the city and will die out as a species?

I don't know, but the other night, this person who does not sleep well, was awake at 4am and through his open widow heard a kookaburra laughing.

Magic, but I want to know why.


  1. the highest population of foxes, by density, in australia is camberwell...

  2. despite planting a few trees years ago that I thought would attract nice birds, seems they've been scared away by noisy minors and indian minors.

  3. I've noticed the spread of bellbirds in the last few years. They've always been in the Bot Gardens (at least since I was a kid). About 5 years ago I began to hear them in the area around the Victoria Barracks, and now I can hear them from my flat near Kings Way. It's lovely to hear so many birds so close to the city.
    The other morning I woke up at around 5.30pm and could not get back to sleep for ages thanks to the cacophony in the courtyard outside - I'm guessing a flock of lorikeets. What a racket! Better than being kept awake by partying neighbours or construction noise I guess.

  4. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Indeed Kiki, along the Alamein railway line where I used to live.

    Minors are very aggressive Jo. I have seen them take on the normally aggressive wattle birds, with success.

    Altissima, I remember them at Botanic Gardens forever, but they are now also in Fawkner Park. They get on my nerves after a while.

  5. The sound of kookaburras means rain or snakes about according to folk lore.

    I've got yakkating blackbirds trying to protect their nests at the moment.

  6. Not heard that Jah Teh. Both are unlikely.

  7. Moonee Ponds has lots of bats at night.

    Cockatoos as well. They make good alarm clocks.


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