Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I feel my activist persona is dulling. I haven't emailed the local council for well over a week, I haven't rung the parking department for longer. I haven't had contact with body corporate matters for a while. I gave up on bothering with anything work related years ago.

Although we don't live in the City of Melbourne, that is the local council area, we are on the cusp, and what they do can affect us and I have been terribly slack about City of Melbourne. I was so annoyed by a non reply to quite a reasonable email, I gave up.

I guess I will have to use that hated instrument, the telephone.

I have already tackled their breach of the twelve metre height limit in South Yarra, and that is now a fayte accomplace. It will be built.

In Carlton we have a lovely memorial to the Bali bombing victims. Surely it is wrong and a breach of bylaws to skate board over a memorial to dead people. It ought to be, if it isn't. It should be a prohibited skate board area and it should be enforced by bylaw officers. Chuck a few fines at the kids and they will go to one of their many designated skating places.

Our main city street, Swanston Street has wonderfully wide footpaths. It needs to as there is a lot of foot traffic. But then they clutter it up with all manner of things, from footpath cafes, to sculptures, to clothes racks and spruikers, kiosks, hot chestnut sellers..........all manner of shite.

How grand it would look with just people and the evenly spaced trees. Unter de Linden even.

As for the road part of it, cars travelling in it illegally fight with trams, pedestrians, illegal time delivery vans, parked vehicles, horse drawn people carts, taxis, illegal taxi ranks, tour coaches, garbage trucks, street cleaners and occasionally a car marked LM1. LM1 occupant, aka Bro So, this really needs some severe discipline. I have seen better controlled streets in Bangkok.

A silver star to City of Port Phillip. They have been policing Queens Lane parking quite diligently since my complaints. CoPP will get a gold star when they continue doing so. Less vehicles has made life a little easier.

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