Monday, November 27, 2006

401 St Kilda Road

I am not particularly happy that a developer is building a block of flats across the road, expecially as it will breach the 'suggested' height limit of twelve metres.

It is to be built on the site of King's Cross Plaza, a useful little local for we highrisers. It has a 711, a cheap Chinese takeaway and a shoe repair/drycleaner/building remote battery replacement/clothing alteration business. There will be a retail component, but I have no idea what.

Now when I say a block of flats, it is not just any block of flats. The cheapest price for a flat will be $2.7 million plus and the dearest over $7 million. I have a feeling our place may end up being the cheapest house in the street, well not quite. But it can't do the value of our place any harm, although as I have said before, we can't eat our apartment. And the more it goes up in value, the more the council rates go up.

If you are inclined to max out your credit cards,
Good luck with your bank.

Just noticed AFE, same developer as your abode.


  1. The cheapest is how much???
    I'd want water views and a valet service for that much.

  2. The construction will have an awful effect on traffic flow.
    and the walls in the synagogue will probably develop cracks after the huge excavation - I see a successful lawsuit coming from them.

    It's all about selling concrete and Rate-able property increase isn't it?

    The small businesses there will be thrown on the dole queues and have to beg at Clink too.
    Money money money.

  3. Steph, our building will block their water views, haha.

    All too true Brownie. I like my little local shops. There will be a retail component, but I bet nothing will be cheap.

    A lawsuit by 'the gog', as we refer to it, would be great. They might spend some money on exterior lighting then, pehaps even use their existing lighting a little more.

  4. I echo Steph and what do you get for 7 million? Hot and cold running boys would be nice.