Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zone 2a

It would seem regardless of who is elected at the next Victorian state election, Zone 3 fare area will disappear from our public transport system.

I have always thought that it was too expensive to travel from our outer burbs to the city. But we do need to look at the devil in the detail.

I heard a statistic on the wireless today when I wish I was paying more attention. Something like for a family, two adults and two kiddies, to travel from a far flung country area to the city was like over $200 return, closer to $300 perhaps. Whatever.

How does that compare with the cost of fuel for a car that could carry the four people to the city? Not very well I am afraid.

I always compare my public transport cost usage with the cost of using the motor and it is usually favourable. OK, if you know me, you will know it will always be cheaper for me. But there has been a couple of occasions when there were four or five of us going to a popular place where the parking charge was $5. Five tram fares at $3 plus each equals over $16. I will shout the $1 for petrol. Does not compare well either.

I think further. Our normal Saturday if I am not working is to walk to Prahran and do shopping and catch a bus or tram home. If we need a lot of stuff, like bottles of cheap vino from Dan's then we might take the car. We just judge on the carry load, not the cost. But walk to Prahran, catch bus or tram home for two equals over $6. If we caught public transport there and back and stayed longer than two hours, $12, the petrol would not have cost more than a $2 and less than $3 for parking if we could not be bothered to move the car around to free spaces.

$12 on the public system as against $5 to take the car and the convenience of your own car. It just ain't right.


  1. i agree. that's the problem with australian cities compared to other continents.
    they are simply too spread out.

    the thing i loved most about my time living in europe is that is was so easy to get just about everywhere without a car.

    here, a car is (especially for me, who grew up in the outer suburbs) essential else you'll be couped up in just a few suburbs

  2. Even if they trialed free travel in the school holidays it would be great.

  3. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Andrew you do make me laugh.

    I have since appreciated Jane Austen's grave site. Her name looked very dignified.

    Is Zone 3 really disappearing? I miss out on all the Melbourne goss here!


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