Monday, October 23, 2006

The weekend

When I think of what we used to achieve or do in a weekend, ours is pretty modest now. But we still do a bit. Saturday, Diwali at Fed Square, Sunday dinner at Lazy Moes.

Saturday morning we set off for Richmond. I needed new socks and I know Dimmeys can sometimes have a bargain. It did. I bought some very good Country Road mainly cotton socks for five dollars a pair and some speedo type bathers, 2 pair for three dollars each. The chlorine in our pool quickly eats them away. Dimmeys is very different now. The interior has been opened up and the upstairs has been opened as a, I use the word carefully, homemaker centre. I was most impressed. We had lovely bacon and eggs at a trendy cafe, called into Flinders Street Station on the way back for some flowers and we were home by 12. While I spread my tasks out over the week, R does all his on Saturday, so I played on the pc, caught up with some taped tv etc etc.

Sunday afternoon we chilled. But we had already taken R's car to North Melbourne car wash and cleaned it and then had brunch at a Beaconsfield Rd cafe. Sunshine, cool breeze, looking out to sea, life is a bitch. Highlight was when a kiddie threw a beach spade and it hit a diner's coffee which then spilled down her leg. All was resolved amicably. (I would have punched the brat)

The weekend was busy enough, but not too busy. It is not too often that I home for both weekend days.


  1. Anonymous5:34 pm

    " and some speedo type bathers"
    Apparently those are called budgie smuglers. Just FYI.

  2. Haha. I have heard the term but never bothered to find out what it meant. It does give me a mental picture. I now have to convince young males that budgie smugglers are good and long board shorts are not.


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