Friday, October 27, 2006

Too many houses or treasonous post

How many houses does one old lady need? Ok, maybe a couple are for her kiddies and assorted spongers.

We have Buckingham House in London along with Clarence House, St James Palace and Kensington Palace. Ah, but there is also Hampton Court Palace, although this one is not officially royal. Just a place for a few of her cronies to live cheaply.

In one of the home counties to the east of London stands Windsor Castle and if she is bored there, she can walk acrosss the garden and settle into a comfy chair at Frogmore House.

The idea of travelling to Scotland for the summer holidays is an odd thing. Why not Costa del Sol with the rest of her countryfolk? Still, I suppose Scotland in the summer is better than Scotland in the winter. Up north here, she has the choice of Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire or The Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburg.

Gee, all that cleaning at her age. She is an amazing woman. Surely she has a cleaning lady come in for a couple of hours a day.

Ah, but we have one more. You just gotta have a special place for chrissy. So she bashes off to Norfolk and stays at Sandringham House.


  1. Haven't you been watching SBS 7.30 on Friday nights? She likes Windsor Castle and Balmoral the best. The Duke likes Sandringham so he can slaughter birds.
    Most of these are open to the public with special exhibitions with one I'd love to see, the room full of the Queen's gowns from her wedding to now. All that beading and fabric, damn I'm drooling.

  2. i'm sure if you owned half of britain you'd do the same...

  3. Jah Teh, you shoulda been a drag queen.

    Kiki, I would be too busy ordering my subjects around.

  4. Anonymous12:57 am

    Buckingham Palace now has lights. Windsor Palace has gold. Lots of it.

  5. I read about it Rosanna. LED, I believe. I suffered home sickness once when I was a kid. It is truly awful and totally illogical and that makes it worse.