Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Technically right, morally wrong?

As you are all aware Stage 2 Water Restrictions come into effect on 1st November. Please refer to the attachment for details.

Water features are equivalent to fountains and as such, are not permitted to be topped up. They will therefore need to be emptied.

Following discussion with XXX, we have decided on the following course of action:

  • XXX will turn off chlorine/bromine dosing this Thursday to allow water to neutralize.
  • Building Managers will switch off pumps to all water features on Wednesday, 1st November.
  • XXX will pump out water from all water features on Thursday, 2nd November. Water will be pumped onto lawn or garden beds so that it is not "wasted".

Trusting this meets with your approval,

Nope, it does not.

Well, she is a little new to her job and does not, as yet, understand this building or its people. Once she gets to know us all a little better, I doubt she will make such arbitrary decisions on our behalf.

We went through this the last time we had Stage 2 water restrictions and after pressing them hard for an answer, South East Water eventually agreed our pond was not a fountain. It has a recirculating water pump that just moves water around. It has just been repaired and filled. It may loose a few litres of water per week through evaporation and we will top it up by bucket with hot water tap run off if needs be.

As for the moral aspect, it is for you to judge.

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