Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not the energy or Sixty Minutes

Sometimes after a bottle of birthday present wine and a wonderful meal of roast pork and vegetables etc, it is hard to pretend to be an intellectual. Therefore, one may turn to Channel Eddie's Sixty Minutes. One may not like opera.

First story. youtube. I expect my mother who watches Sixty Minutes by default, is shaking her head in bewilderment (her head shakes anyway) but if she was back in her teen years, instead of sliding down Huntingdale sand quarrie hills, she would be right in there participating. youtube is ok, I have never found much of interest there. pornotube is more interesting. Though my 'only gay in the village' post is youtube and that is where I found it. I cannot find the Emporer Nazi Goreng and the Great Wall of China and the rabbits. I did find some other amusing ads. Wasn't Guy Pierce a cutie back when he made Mars Bar ads. The story was designed to shock any non internet savvy person. And before youtube, people were already sharing vids anyway.

Next was Kenny from ummm, Kenny. I saw the movie not long after it was released and it wasn't a bad flick. He was such a nice bloke. It was good to know the background about the film. The quintessential anti metrosexual Aussie bloke angle in the story wore a bit thin. Nothing wrong with a metrosexual though, so long as they are readily identifiable by their pink tees.

But if ever you had any doubts about where Channel James' (puzzled long and hard where the apostrophe should go, correct me) political sympathies lie, you only had to watch the next story, our PM Howard on Korea. It was sickeningly sycophantic. The most challenging question was so staged........actually edited to a very tight noddy piece I think. Our PM knows he can trust James tv to do the right thing.

The last was such an old story that we have surely heard before? The US guy in North Korea with the Jap wife, now back in God's Own. I have certainly heard about it, many times.

Mercifully time had run out and we weren't subjected to THE MAILBAG.

My step father thinks Sixty Minutes is a marvellous show. My sitster and he have great barnies over green issues. I stay silent and don't mention about my party membership.

It was educative and a character building exercise, and learning more about Kenny was the only worthwhile piece.

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