Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Surgery or Penile Reduction

It is just too damn big, it gets in the way.

Actually it was to remove a skin cancer under my nose. It was done eighteen months ago, but came back. Non malignant and only a speck that just would not disappear.

Unusual place, said the surgeon. Area is protected from the sun by the nose. Not when you are lying flat on your back on a solarium bed, I told him. Enlightenment dawned in his quite old eyes. Get withit pops, you are gonna see a lot more of these solarium victims.

He was a bit of laugh. No, not that room, I have been upgraded to harbour views. I turned to look out the window at a brick wall.

I have a big white bandage under my nose which must stay on until tomorrow morning. Then I will look like I have a Hitler moustache for a few days.

Unlike the last time when I made my way home on public transport from East Melbourne while being in mild shock, I knew what was coming this time and I was fine.

I have stocked up with life's necessities, so I have no need to venture out tomorrow and expose my ugliness to the world. Expect lots of blog posts.


  1. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Word. My Dad had a skin-cancer scare of the malignant variety shortly before I came to Oz. Actually, one of the deciding factors to whether or not I would come here was how bad his cancer turned out to be.

    Obviously, not that bad as I have been here for the past 9 months.

    Still, facing your parent's mortality - or your own - is a scary thing.

    Tell us, what are the necessities you stocked up with? Tim Tams? Pink condoms? Newspapers? Necessities are different for all of us.

  2. your hospitol is so close to my house...

  3. Fresh peanuts and newspapers Jessie, and some crack and speed.

    Now how did I know Kiki would live near Brunswick Street.


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