Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Matters pc 1

I read someone's tale of renovating a computer. No names. Now I hate these huge software programs that we are forced to use and I had forgotten about What a good idea! Go back to the much smaller older versions of a couple of programs.

How about a much smaller alternative to Apple Quicktime Media Player? It was much smaller, nice and clean and worked really well. That is until I wanted to share a file. The problem became apparent. No one else would be able to read the file. Got rid of it and downloaded the latest Quick Time which is a bit nicer than the older version I was using.

A program that annoys me intensly is Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a huge program and a file in it's format is invariably huge too. And, it is very difficult to steal pics from a pdf document. I decided to revert to an older version. It was much smaller, but then I received some pdf documents and I could not open them with the older version, so back to the monstrous new version.

What else have I being having trouble with? Ah yes, when I try to comment on a blog that is the new blogger beta version, I cannot do so while using my usual details. I have to do it as 'anon'. But that seems to be fixed.

An occasional Blogger photo problem, upload pics to your post but they don't appear in your post while you are still in edit mode. But they are there and if you upload them again, you will have two copies.

MSN chat. Many use it. I do occasionally. I used to always use ICQ but that seems to be dying. Beware, usless you delete you conversations, there they are for anyone who uses your computer to read, stored under My Documents/My Received Files/(your msn name)/History. It can perhaps be turned off, but if can, it should default to being off.

I log into Flickr via my yahoo email address, do what I have to do, then sign out. But if I then click on my yahoo mail shortcut, it will go straight to my inbox, without me singing in or using my password. This has been happening for a long time and I am surprised that it has not been fixed.

The MSN and Flickr problems are serious matters, especially for a newcomer to pcs and the careless. How it continues, I do not know.

But some old things are good. For picture viewing I use ACDSEE. It is an old version (4) that was new when I started using it, and I see no reason to upgrade to a newer one. It works well, I know it backwards and it does all I want it to. Originally a friend gave me a crack for it, meaning the program thought it was a paid for version, but it was only a trial before buy version. But I have long lost the crack, so once a month I start getting a nag box when I am looking at picutures. About every third pic and up comes the box and you have to click it get rid of it. It means you cannot really run a slideshow. But I kept the original installation file. I uninstall the program and reinstall it. This takes about thirty seconds and the nag box disappears for another month.


  1. It is very easy to steal pics from a acrobat file. depends if the sender or producer of said document has set the level of security to prevent said stealing from taking place.

    If you have the latest version, go tools > basic tools > snapshot tool. Click and drag the area you want to take as a picture. When you let go it'll automatically send it to the clipboard.

  2. Thanks Bobby. I have done it in the past but I forget how I did it. I can refer back here in future.

  3. I've been using Paint Shop Pro version 4 since about 1997. It's supposedly a 30 day trial, my current instalation is up to "day 668 of your 30 day evaluation period". My only complaint is that it doesn't preserve exif data from my digital photos, but other than that it work's really well on this sluggish PC. It's much better than the Arcsoft Photo Studio software that came with my camera...

  4. My camera came with Arcsoft too. After an initial play with it, I have never bothered with it. Not a great program.

    I forgot about WinZip. It is up to day whatever of evaluation. About eight years I think.

  5. Dear Dr. Blog, why is my blog coming up as a black screen with nothing on it?
    It won't even load when I type in the whole URL instead of using the bookmark.


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