Friday, October 27, 2006

The laddie Guy

It took me a quite while to work out which one was Guy Sebastian and which one was Shannon Noll, without actually looking. After a while I got it. Guy is the plain one with the silly hair, Shannon is the one who my Sydney friend fed info to popbitch about which 'proffesional establishments' he attends and what his fetishes are. My friend used to work in 'that area' and still has contacts. Of course popbitch published and my friend was thanked in the credits.

Sebastian was on David Tench Tonight last night, and I must say, I was a little impressed. He seems nice enough and has a quick wit and surprise surprise, he can sing.

Below is a clip from my 'favourite' newspaper, the 'Erald Sun. Perhaps his version of christianity is not so bad.

*There was a mini-debate about you saying you had a lot of gay friends
and so were offended by the word "faggot", but that homosexuality surely
clashes with your Christian beliefs? *

That's the sad side of Christianity. That's not how it's meant to be.
I've been to gay clubs heaps of times. That's the old fundamentalist way
of thinking that's unfortunately spread through all these generations.
They miss the whole point of Christianity which is love. God loves
people whether they are black, white, gay, straight, bisexual, whatever.
As a Christian, we're never going to get close to being sinless or
perfect, and I'm no better than anybody on this earth, but our No.1 goal
is to be as loving as we can. We aim to be like God, so for me, I think
that's a really ugly side of when people get lost in religion. It's
funny, Shannon (Noll) gets called that, Anthony (Callea), all my friends
in the industry. That's the word everyone picks -- as soon as you're in
the industry you're gay.

*You're not anti gay marriage?*

I'm not really anti anything. If you're a gay couple why not? I don't
really have a stance because I don't know what it's like to be told
you're not allowed to marry somebody. That doesn't seem fair to me.


  1. Anonymous12:58 am

    I really like this post, and now like Guy even more. Although I didnt like him, or his hair, before.

  2. Don't get too serious about him Rosanna. He has just learned a bit about media perfomance.