Thursday, October 26, 2006

The fools or right wingers

If you are a right wing person, I am ok with that. You can indulge your delusions. Take care though. The machine can spit you out as quickly as it spits out us common working class types.

But what you cannot do, is tell me black is white when I can quite clearly see the item is black.

The list is long and I am not going to repeat it here. You can easily find it elsewhere. Don't think I am a lover of the self serving Labor Party either, but at least their rethoric is in the right place............... mostly.

But I will single out a few.

Who do I really have an issue with at the moment? People who ask Chris Masters why he outed Alan Jones in the biography he wrote. Hello? It is a biography, like, you know, it is a book about him. Masters did not out him anyway. Jones was outed years ago. He and his audience is a good example of why we Melbournians hate Sydney and all it stands for.

Bolt, the Hun columnist. Now if anyone can say black is white, he takes the cake. If I was young and eductated, I would write a thesis on him and his outrageous claims. I mentioned him in the past and someone commented that he was Dutch. I still maintain he is South African Boer, surely the most arrogant people on this earth. Great that most of them never ventured further east than Perth. Sadly, Bolt did.

Mitchell, 3AW radio person. Since Mr Faine of ABC radio went on strike in support of his workmates this morning, I was hunting around the dial for an alternative. How can otherwise quite educated people, by the sound of them, listen to his tripe and the funeral parlour ads? Over to you Rosemary? Surely not Rosemary Margen who used to voice the film slides? Isn't she dead yet? She should be. Yes Neil, all us queens in our stilletos are going to destroy Treasury Gardens come February. I see it is aerating the soil myself. Ah, enlightenment. It is the dykes in their Birkenstocks that are the problem. They will flatten the soil for sure.

I am quite happy to indulge you right wingers in debate. But only if you do it properly and don't tell me black is white. From the Prime Minister down, that is pretty well all I hear from you.


  1. Did that piece of crud really say that?
    Usually I don't mind if my taxi drivers have the radio on except if they're listening to Mitchell.

  2. As Sarah said to Cecily in the Cousin from Fiji, 'Riding around in taxi cabs indeed!'.
    No, they were my words. His attitude was clear though as was Cr David Clark, I think his name was.

  3. The bit I find most alarming about some of our right wing politicians is their tendancies the dilate policy with their own self-righteous religious beliefs.

    Alan Jones is possibly the biggest scumbag going.

  4. Quite so Sam. It worries me that he seems to weild so much power.


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