Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Famous Neighbours

I write this because it may increase the value of our property. Given I have no intention of living elsewhere, it is probably pointless. One cannot eat bricks.

As well as famous bearded media person who rents here and owns an apartment within, his wife rents an apartment too.

Some ex footballer, who is on some tv show, who's chick drove her car over his leg is installed in the apartment he owns with his kid.

And the latest is one of a commercial radio comedy duo, with Scottish names, lives here. R has seen him in the lift.

Gotta be better than Southbank or Docklands, full of prostitutes and crims.


  1. So many famous people.

    The first one is a tool, he can die.

    Second one is OK, quite funny.

    Third one I am quite ambivolent about.

    Please push the bearded one down the lift shaft.

  2. did the first one not survive prostate cancer? kudos for that - if that's who he is - but he is a tool

    second is funny and smarter than he appears

    i don't know who the third one is... i'm thinking a younger duo? with a failed tv show?? if so, then the i have met him in real life, he was much funnier than he is on any of his shows

  3. What? People actually like Sam? Arrogant egotistical wanker strolling around constantly talking into his blue tooth. I am here and you will know it.

    Think you have it right Kiki, but it is the one that starts with A not H.

  4. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Hate A and H


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