Sunday, October 22, 2006

Email Complaint and the Councils

When I email a complaint or an enquiry to a business or government organisation, I don't put my phone number on the form unless it is essential. I pefer a reply by email. As well as finding it easier than talking on the phone, I have a written record.

But it makes no difference. They just look me up in the phone book or database and ring me anyway. They all hate putting stuff in writing. No matter really, the chap from City of Port Phillip Parking Department was quite nice to chat to and my efforts will result in more parking fines for a while, thus adding to CoPP funds and perhaps reducing my rates.

Port Phillip has a wonderful system that the City of Melbourne could well take a look at. It is called Assist and although I have never used the phone version, when I send them an email, I get a response within the day with a reference number. These reference numbers remain on file so that you can build a history if it is an ongoing complaint, as I and a neighbour are doing with the parking problems in Queens Lane.

I have never not had a a response from CoPP, although I am having difficulty getting a straight answer to what they will do about watering St Kilda Rd under Stage 2 water restrictions. They have tried to refer me to South East Water, but I am fighting on.

All emails to City of Melbourne by me have been ananswered and I guess ignored.

Update: The above was written a few day ago. In the interim, CoPP has reaped over $1000 in fines at least, and joy oh joy, today I got a private car booked. You may wonder about why I am being so harsh?

1/ It doesn't take too much effort to park legally. I always do.

2/ My car is twenty years old and I love seeing posh Mercs and BMWs cars and and best of all 4wd vehicles cop a fine. The politics of envy.

3/ The lane is a nightmare on weekdays with delivery/service vehicles. CoPP did not approve the massive extension to Number 1 Queens Rd, but VCAT did.

4/ We don't want it to go back to what it was, a drug dealing lane. It took a friend to point out to me tonight the incongruity of a drug dealing lane behind the police station.

5/ CoPP take a huge amount of rates from a very small area here and don't give us much in return. They need to work to please us.


  1. do you work man?>?? haha
    you seem to have a lot of time on your hands

  2. Just washed five shirts from last week, so I guess I worked five full days.

  3. my efforts will result in more parking fines for a while


  4. You young whippersnappers, just wait until I don't have to work and really have time to devote to stuff.