Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cross words and earings

I like big earings on women. They attract me to look at them, women that is. I have no other reason to look at them, apart from getting make up tips. Ok, there is an odd occasion when I think a woman looks interesting, regardless of her danglers. She would usually be older or alternative looking. But hopelessly inconsistant as I am, I think I am in lust with Eva Longoria. Just once, just to try it. She is stunning.

I always tune into the Movie Show on ABC tv to see what Margaret has dangling from her ears. She did good tonight. I was so disappointed when she was last in Cannes and wore nothing in her ears. Competition was hard, she decided to not even try I suppose.

I was a casual watcher of David's and Margaret's movie show when it was on SBS, but now they are on the ABC, I never miss them. It was their tv twenty year anniversary tonight and the show concluded with a montage of some of their old stuff. Margaret gave David an un-reciprocated kiss.

Let's see, tonight they reviewed a movie about a crossword compiler. Sounded ok. I can do normal crosswords, but my head does not work for cryptic crosswords or suduko even.

There was a Kiwi movie. I liked the look of it. How come Australia has so many squables with Pacific island nations and NZ seems to get along fine with them?

Somewhere about here, Margaret told David he had a cold heart.

There had to be the obligatory foreign movie, vaguely intersting.

Then there was a review of an English movie. Joan Plowright. Can't go wrong. She was married to Sir Lawrence Olivier and had three children by him. I first noticed her in a movie called Drowning by Numbers. She is fantastic.

I expect Margaret and David will be branded National Living Treasures at some point soon. Desrvedly so.


  1. Well if I had to choose between dave and maargret or the drivel that passes for a movie show on sbs then i'd go for d&m hands down.

    By the way, have you seen The Departed? Good movie.

  2. I like big earrings on girls, too. The big hoop ones. They just make a girl looks so feminine and lust-worthy.

  3. Not seen it Bobby. Action movie by the look. Big earrings are kewl Cibbuano. Been known to wear a pair myself.

  4. I have an extensive and expensive big earring your heart out.

    As for movies, I'm waiting for Helen Mirren as Queen Liz 2 which starts on Boxing Day.

  5. What???? We have to wait that long to see it? I half thought it was going to be a tv show.

  6. Big screen and GoldClass and from the few snippets I've seen it looks good.