Saturday, October 28, 2006

The car and the clothes

I am absolutely filled with envy when I see some dude get out of a posh car, a shiny Merc or BMW or a monster 4WD. But then I look closer. Hey man, how come you have such a nice car and you dress so badly? You are wearing cheap/expensive clothing, but you are not wearing them well. You really haven't got it quite right. Your hair isn't great. Hope you allow your kiddies lots of money and perhaps they will get the style thing vaguely right.

Reminds me of a guy at work who drives one of those monster four wheel drives. Another workmate reported to me that he visited him at his home. His house was a small squalid place in an outer suburb. I have no problem with people who live in a small modest house in the outer burbs, that is, unless they drive one of those huge four wheel drives to their workplace.

My twenty year old car is only the third oldest in our building's carpark and I dress cheaply, but I try to look almost ok. Labels for me are now history.

Why are you judged by the car you drive? It is just such a conspicuous way to exhibit your wealth and it is all so obvious when little about you matches the car you drive.


  1. i hate when people judge me by my car.

    my car is from 1972 and it works great - most of the time!
    for me, a car gets me from A to B and sometimes to C, if it's too far for me to bike.

    i wonder if your workmate has a large family, which would require such a large 4WD, or, if he enjoys 4WDing on weekends sometimes??

    my Dad has a big 4WD. but he only uses it for towing and 4WDing. i think there should be rules on people buying htem

  2. I have an automatic broom, no brakes.

  3. His kids should be of grown up age now. He is not the 4wding type either.