Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blown me Away

It is not often I am shocked, but this one has blown me away. The subject is Asian men dating white Aussie women. It is an interesting subject. Being out and about quite a bit, I do see a few Asian men and white women. I personally know of a couple of couples, although not well.

The blog post is provocative in so far as it has provoked discussion. And boy has it. I am astonished at the number of comments, probably over one hundred or more in a couple of days. I can't read through them all, but what I have read is very interesting.

My own take, I have known Asian guys who passionately pursue white girls with greater or lesser degrees of success, but the work that the put into it, the brutal knockbacks they get, the overt and subtle racism, but still they go back for more. But like for some, Asian is a turn on, for some Asian is not a turn on. If these guys are turned on by white chicks then good for them. But I feel they have to understand that equally some white girls are not turned on by Asian.

I am tempted to add here, and goes for either really, they just haven't met the right one and please leave your stereotypes at the bedroom door before entering. I do know about that.


  1. It's not just the women. Racism in the gay community has been a real problem for a long time but it's gradually getting better.

  2. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I have an Asian friend back home who will only date white women. In fact, he finds most Asian women unattractive and basically would consider it a personal failure if he does not marry a white woman.

    It is like a strange personal race guilt-complex.

  3. Racism is one thing Jessie, but sometimes so far as sex goes, it can be like a fetish. You might only get turned on by blond hair, but of course you know the guy. I bet you a dollar, a valuable Canadian dollar, that if he marries a white girl, it will end badly. Given half of all marriages do anyway, the odds are in my favour.

    Hmmm, never looked at Canadian dollar. Is it about the same value as a US one?


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