Saturday, October 21, 2006

The blog

I don't think R reads my blog, although he knows about it. He used to and took issue with something I wrote once, possibly justifiably, and I said, if you don't like it, don't read it. I don't think he does now.

I warned a personal friend who I told about my blog, not to take it too seriously. It is a theatrical performance, I warned her. It is art! That may or may not be entirely true. While I do do some subterfuge to avoid talking about work, my blog is pretty well true to life. (OK, ASIO, if you really want to know)

But I like reading my favourite bloggers and even the less favourite and it would be good to discuss them with R. I do up to point. Rosanna holidaying in England mentioned lousy water pressure in the UK, I checked that with him to confirm. I would have liked to tell him of Jessie, about to return to Canada, and her seemingly personal friend Kiki who I haven't quite got a good handle on yet. Daniel met his father on a train the other day. Yeah, that Swedish loving Canadian dude is still seeing the same guy. Sounds like Jahteh's mother is on a downhill slide. Bike riding M!key is over blogging. God, that Andy can be cruel to poor little kiddies. Rob is silent, but he will be back. Bobby is kewl. Wish I invited myself on his train trip to Bendigo. His Excellency is pompous as ever, just like I like him to be. Adam is still.....Adam, but he has a pretty good job now and lives in a smart place with nice views. William is holidaying in Sydney and staying in cheap digs, and having a good time. What happened to the go away lady who moved to Bacchus Marsh? She does not post anymore. The guy living in Dili, East Timor, he always gives an interesting insight. Ben likes attractive female necks and lemon spotted gums. Jhuny is having fun dancing his socks off in the UK, or maybe not.

One's blogging list and blogging mates are so disconnected from reality. But for me, it is now reality. Welcome to the new world. (If you weren't mentioned, it is not because I don't care)


  1. What, just the kids?

    I'll have you know I treat everyone the same.

  2. Anonymous3:04 am

    What did R say about the water pressure?

  3. Just that it was lousy and always has been.

  4. the water pressure is lousy

    and what's to get a handle on???

    i'm pretty straight forward, kna mean?

  5. The Brownie is having problems with the Internet, normal ranting will resume as soon as possible. She can't even read us which is now my idea of purgatory.

  6. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Kiki, you are nuts. Admit it. Remember how you said you were so complex you cry in the shower ;-)

    Lately it seems like my blogging life has been melding more and more with my real life, espcially after meeting up with a few bloggers (like Kiki.)

    Seems like others who are not as obsessed with all-things-blog just dont get it.

  7. yeah, kiki rocks

  8. Kiki, if you want to carry someone with you, you need a good handle on them.

  9. Thanks Jahteh, I liked what I read and did wonder where she went.


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