Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Taxis are a very important part of out transport system. I rarely use them, but when I do, I want them to work well and they have. I don't have any complaints as a passenger. I have a very sympathetic view of people working for such lousy money and putting up with crap from passengers.

But a couple of observations recently make we wonder if they are not a bit out of control. I niaevly used to think that any person who was on the road all the time became a good driver. Wrong about that was I. Some of my workmates are attrocious drivers.

Since north African immigrant Austrlian drivers appeared, I dunno, maybe five years ago, the standard of driving by taxi drivers from an observational view, has deteriorated substantially.

Their next fare is all that they concentrate on and show a lack of concern about fellow road users.

R and I were having a bitch session about bad and or dangerous road intersections. He complained of taxis queuing in Toorak Road at the corner of Chapel Street in the early morning when he is travelling to work. They queue in a no standing location. He feels it is dangerous.

I countered with the intersection of High and Chapel Streets where what used to be a Greek club, is now a night club, well an early morning club. On my way to work last Sunday, the taxis had actually queued around the corner from High Street, occupying the left turn lane in Chapel Street. It is not dangerous, just inconvenient for many.

Then tonight when coming home from work and driving up St Kilda Road in the outside lane of the service road, a taxi stopped in front of me to pick up a fare. It was not dangerous, but it was outrageous behaviour. You can't just stop like that in the middle of the road. Well, it seems you can.

I observe them in Swantson Street, causing delay and inconvenience to trams and passengers. They don't do actively. They are just stupid or unaware of what is happening around them.

Back to the original point, we pay peanuts, so we get monkeys.


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  2. Fuck taxis, pardoning my french. I don't use them at all now because of the way they operate on the road and I agree with the deterioration over several years, even after countless promises have been made to clean them up. One note is that the Taxi Directorate is now out and about patrolling aggressively for rogue drivers. Still, doesn't stop them from doing what they want, when they want.

  3. Can't help but agree Rob. Hope I did not steal your T entry. I am sure you can expand on it.


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