Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday night

Souvlaki at Lambs in Malvern Road, very nice. The souvlaki has been upsized as has the price. A very fine cup of coffee at T21 at the Jam Factory, except it was barely warm and the service was slow as, but it was very good coffee. Jindabyne at Cinema Europa. While all these people queued to buy tickets, I retrieved our tickets easisly from an ATM type machine. We booked in advance.

An extra $1 per ticket booking fee, I can wear that, but if we went Gold Class, it would have been $5 per ticket. Outrageous.

Jindabyne. R hated it and would have walked out if not for me. The acting was fine and the scenery was beautiful. The Irish accents were lousy.

As for the content, there was not a likeable character in it, it was depressing and sank lower as it went on. I like Aussie bush and dams, lakes and rivers. I associate them with happy things. They were just made spooky. Shades of Picnic at Hanging Rock. It was a fairly well made movie although it did jump from scene to scene in an abrupt manner. Nor do I think the real Jindabyne would be anything like this place in the movie.

I like to leave a movie theatre feeling passion or joy or just amused. I don't want to leave just feeling depressed.


  1. Anonymous10:49 am

    I went to the movies last night and saw Confetti. Very hilarous, chick flick for sure though.

    I was thinking I wanted to go see Jindabyne, being an Aussie film and all. I tend to like dark, arty movies too. Do you recommend it? Or shall I wait for the DVD?

  2. I think you will like it Jess. I will recommend it to YOU. I might write something about Aussie movies in the near future, if I can put loose thoughts into words.


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