Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Page 123, go to 5th sentence, type the next 4

I got tagged and it has got to be your last read or nearest book to hand. I don't like inflicting tagging on people really, but let us see if we can find out what is on intelligent and mature type folk's bedside tables. 'Fess up Jah Teh and Lord Sedgwick.

Faithful readers will guess the book and if not, you don't have to read my blog back to far to find out what book it was. I cannot recommend it. It was lousy. But I am a compulsive book finisher. Cheers Therin of Andor.

"That meant that I didn't want to do what I normally would in this situation, and jump in the car and call around to Mum's. Instead I rang one of Mum's neighbours, John, and asked if he could go to her house, see if there were any lights on and knock on the door. Mum usually leaves a light or two on if she goes out, but there were no lights on. Kind man that he is, he tried shining a torch in through the window in case she'd fallen and hurt herself before dark."


  1. Thanks for playing along. I don't have many people on my blogger list yet, so you got to be a candidate!

  2. You're dead. The closest book is Not Only Blue, disqualified it's a magazine, pardon while I have a quick flick through, hmm, yum.
    I'm sitting in the study with five bookcases for pete's sake and my last read was the supermarket docket.

  3. ... yeah, reading supermarket docquettes and a no jacket or words required perve or twenty on monosyllabic eyelash-batting beefcake (or should that be 'vealcake'?) posters.

    And you try to pass yourself of as a card -carrying vego JahTeh!!!!

  4. No problem Therin of Andor , but you can see by the responses, of the problems I have with such thing. Asking youngers would have met with silence. Regardless of your small list of bloggers, it was nice that you asked me. I don't care much for sci fi, but I care a lot about Number 96.

  5. 'Vealcake', jealous much, just because I like something with a pulse.

    Andrew, done and done.


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