Friday, August 04, 2006

Not quite an Aussie dollar

I put what I thought was a dollar coin in the coffee machine at work. It rejected it. It must have been a light spend week for coins, because I tried three times over the week to get coffee from the machine with the same dollar coin.

I did not realise it was the same dollar coin that was giving me grief. I thought the machine was faulty.

After the third time, I thought I better look at this coin that was causing me trouble. Perhaps it has a chip out of it? Nope. Sit spectacles on nose and realise it is a two dollar New Zealand coin. Slightly larger than the Aussie one dollar coin, but looks the same.

I owed R a dollar for coffee or something. He was not keen to take the NZ$2 and my argument that he cash it at the bank for more than AU$2 fell on deaf ears.

I thought I passed it off at Prahran Market last weekend, but no. The bloody thing was still in my wallet. I passed over the wrong coin.

I hope you all have an impression of me as being scrupously honest, coz I am, but, well, I paid for a newspaper with the dodgy coin at a newspaper kiosk at Melbourne Central Station.

The owner of said kiosk used to be employed in my industry and is now a self employed entrepreneur, so I hope he quickly passed the dodgy coin onto one of those waster Uni students that pour out of Melbourne Central Railway Station.

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  1. Anonymous11:27 am

    Somehow I got my hands on a 1$ american coin. I was keeping it in my wallet but accidently gave it up this week to buy some coffee. So although I paid 2.50 for a coffee, the cafe got more then it bargained for.


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