Friday, August 04, 2006

Laugh out loud

Does lol stand for laugh out loud or lots of laugh? Who knows. It is a great piece of net speak.

I lol'd a few times today.

1/ Once when in the local chemist and the ederly female chemist and the younger chemist staff person were filling the shop's order for easter, 2007. They made a great joke of it. Easter 2007? Have we done christmas 2006? Yes, we did that in 2004. So it must be time to do christmas 2007 then? Just go away. Sorry Mr Andrew, there is no cheap generic alternative for your mega stress medication and no, that sticker was put in your script by mistake. You don't come close to the prescription payback limit.

2/ Usually the cross back from the commercial tv sports presenter to the commercial tv news reader is a tedious and un-natural process. Tonight's cross had us laughing. There had been a discussion of footballer Justin Madden's football boots. This chap is now the Victorian government sports minister. He is a big bloke and a crack was made in the sports segment about his slow speed. A clip was shown of him kicking a lucky goal. As the cross was made, a comment was made about being slow as treacle, responded to by a comment about turning the Queen Mary around. Ok, it not funny when it is written, but it was funny at the time.

3/ There has been a commercial tv ad that has amsued me quite a lot. It came on a couple of minutes after then end of the news. But it was different. Normally it is a dad and son in a car and the son asks why the Great Wall of China was built. The dad responds after a thoughtful period, 'to keep the rabbits out'. It is ever so Australian, and it is an ad for a search engine or something. Tonights was different. I missed the initial question from the son, but the father was thoughtful for even longer. It was built by the Emporer Nazi Goreng......(long pause) to keep the rabbits out.

And, we had barely had a sip of our Pommeroy's Claret at that point. Must have been the Friday night joi da vie or whatever of a weekend off work.


  1. Anonymous11:29 am

    haha, love number 3. I know the commercial you are talking about. I think the Dad is the most Aussiest bloke EVER.

  2. I love the new Underdaks ad. No particular reason except maybe the package er I mean packaging.


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