Saturday, August 05, 2006

Damn Coles

Can you see why I have to return to the supermarket? I would use about one can of oven cleaner every two or three years. I certainly would not buy two at the same time.

Later Update: It just occured to me that I got a petrol discount coupon that I would not have gotten if I hadn't been double charged. That is, the bill was just over $30.


  1. Pfft, $3. Tightarse.

    Although, are you buying a Super Large box of Ansell johnnies?

  2. I have strong Scottish heritage.
    I was waiting for the Ansell comment, and no surprise where it came from. They were rubber gloves, although, that may even be worse.

  3. Anonymous10:52 am

    It seems like the person who served you was named Angel. She is probably just angst ridden from having a name like that. Charging people twice for over cleaner is the highlight of her day.

    Just guessing.

  4. Overcharged $2.98, but you got a voucher which might save you... what... $2.00 if you buy 50 litres?

  5. Jess, she did seem just a bit spaced out, part of this world, but only just.

    Daniel, yeah I don't fuss too much about discount dockets. We get have more than we need, and I often forget to use them. Another bonus though was that it was rounded up, so I received $3 back, a bonus of two cents. Gosh I am doing well.


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