Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Census

We met our friendly census man last weekend as he delivered his package of goodies. Me being a innernet type person rather liked the idea of sitting down and marking a piece of paper. R being less of a net person suggested straight away that we should do the online version. He will be busy at a body corp committee meeting that night, so I will be 'person one'. I do wonder what will happen when at about 8.30pm on that Tuesday, suddenly all these electronic census forms are lodged.

On the last census form we had the opportunity to fill us in as a defacto couple. I cannot recall whether we did or not, but I think we will this time. It does end up being a no names study, so we should. I have yet to calculate whether we will be better off financially and otherwise in our old age as two singles or a couple. While Howard stays in power, we are certainly better off being two singles. But I am not even so sure of that, given that I have state superannuation, not federal. Too hard. What about the English pension he is entilted to. Worry about it later.

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