Saturday, July 08, 2006


I reckon it must be more than one month since I have heard a radio broadcaster give a web address and put in www before the address. Unfortunately radio guests still do so. Some do it so labourisly (I have never written this word before and read it seldom so sorry for the obvious spilling mistake) that they think it is an important part of the web address. Aitch tee tee pee, colon, double back slash, Double you, double you, double you, dot highriser, dot blogspot, dot com.

(Do you know how hard that web address was to write?)


  1. Try listening to Golden Days Radio (if you can). It's a shoebox outfit run from Caulfield and has some great oldies music on it. The hilarity begins when any mention of technology occurs, as many of the presenters are "in their element" in terms of vintage. It's a great station though!

  2. Friends sometimes listen. I tried once. It was a Saturday afternoon and a woman was giving out a cooking recipe, After each step, she stayed silent for ten seconds or so while waiting for people to write it down. Made for great radio.


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