Friday, July 07, 2006

Technology #122

Yesterday's Green Guide in The Age was a bit of interesting fantasy.

Firstly I read of your tv, dvd, vcr, radio, hd recorder, sound system, computer and electric bread slicer all being combined. We will be media rich, everthing on demand. Nah, sorry, don't want and I don't think many people will. I am sure, like me, you can think of many reasons why you would not want this, but not any reason why you would.

Next we had tv broadcasts on you mobile phone. Maybe someone has a mobile phone with at least a fourteen inch screen but I haven't seen one. Tv is not worth watching on anything less. Fancy going from a 42 inch screen at home, no I don't have one of those, to a 2 inch screen on your phone. You could really look forward to David Attenborough's new nature series on that. What nonsense they talk.

I have often thought I should have a lap top computer. Many other do. I could ask Mr Visa to oblige if I really wanted one, but I just cannot think of a good reason to have one. Charles Wright of the Green Guide is inclined to agree with me and feels many people waste money buying laptops. If you are tempted to buy one, do read his column before committing.

I am sure I saw a mention somewhere of the new Microsoft operating system, Vista. I was never happy with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 but Windows XP Pro suits me fine thankyou. And the longer it is around the better I am knowing it's quirks.

What you tech guys could come up with though, (there can't be many woman involved it all this nonsense) is improving AM radio reception, truly cordless connections, ease of use and some basic rules for all tech gadgets and easier ways of taping tv shows. Don't even mention G codes or hd recorders. And what about inventing a fridge connected to the internet? Oh yeah, done that one.


  1. Ok, I think it was the internet on the fridge thing that made me stop and ask "is this the direction we really want to travel in?".

    As for the laptop question, unless you actually need one, there's no reason to buy one. I've thought about myself, but I don't have any reason to do the stuff I do beyond my desk. It's sort of like wireless keyboard and mouse - were those cords really bothering you that much in the first place?

  2. It looks a lot better without them. It is all about appearance, not functionality.