Friday, July 14, 2006

Stud for the week

Today I went to view the Bollywood exhibition at the Immigration Museum. The six dollar entrance fee is ok if you have not seen the Immigration Museum and I urge you to do so, but not great value if you have and just want to see the Bollywood exhibition. I spotted a photo of an actor who looked a bit interesting. It was showed 40 per cent of his face.

When I arrived home, I did a search with his name. It would seem he is the most famous male Bollywood actor at the moment. I reckon he might amuse me for twenty minutes.

Shahrukh Khan

On matters multi cultural, an email arrived today from our body corporate manager and concluded with Viva La France. What, I thought? They lost the football final. It suddenly clicked later, she is Canadian, it would seem French Canadian. Happy Bastille Day to all. Kill the rich and up the poor.


  1. Very Noice! Slightly older than mine.

  2. Canadians are like ants: we're just allllll over the place. Often in tiny cracks. (what?)

  3. Ask her what part of Canada she comes from. That's usually a bit of a give away in terms of French-ness. I've often thought of moving there at some stage, simply for the beauty of the language and the fact that it's not quite France. Mind you, there are numerous more tropical alternatives!