Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The street filth, love them to help them

There was a letter in the local paper critisising methadone users who get their supply from the chemist at the corner of Carlisle and Chapel Streets in Balaclava. There had been a stabbing there recently. Who knows if the guilty party was a meth user or not. Hear, hear, I thought. Get the scum away from there. Get them off the street.

The following week in the same local paper was another letter, well a few actually, but one in particular. The letter exhorted people to love these meth users as they are committed to and trying really hard to get off heroin. It is very hard for them. They need all the love and encouragement they can get. Go up to them when you see them leaving the chemist and give them some words of encouragement.

Did it change my mind? Dunno. Wish they would dress a bit better and not be so noticeable on the street by their behaviour.

What did amuse me was the letter writer, who also praised the chemist staff who she said dealt sympathetically with their meth clients in a very friendly and caring manner. Wotshite. It is a few years since I have been in that particular chemist, but it is not what I saw more than once. Maybe it has changed.


  1. This is a really hard issue. While I hope they do get clear of drugs, I still find myself calling them idiots for doing it in the first place and then I pull myself up because there are so many reasons for using.
    I missed the drug scene altogether but my sister 2 years younger hit it in full steam and watched her friends get caught. She liked beer much better.

  2. Go up to them if you see them and give them some words of encouragement? I can just see it now...

    Me: Good work there! Great to see you're trying to kick the junk!

    Them: What? So I'm a f*&#ing junkie now? Cop that! (whack!)

    Slight variation on the "but I'm not pregnant" seat offering problem...