Thursday, July 27, 2006

Southgate Photos (Mark)

I liked the look of Southgate. It was the first building on the Yarra River's southern bank that went on to become the area of South Bank. When it was on it's lonesome, it looked very good. Not so sure that it does now. Perhaps the perspective has changed. Maybe it is a bit shabby.

Most local people would have heard of the photography ban by Southgate's management.

"People are taking photos of unusual parts of the building", said she.
Yeah, well that is what photographers in this digital age do, and sometimes turn it into a work of art. A rivet can be rivetting.

I just happened to mention to R last night, that they should have a mass photography session on the premises. Lo and behold, what did I find today.

We photographers have been neglecting some really very important - from an architectural perspective - buildings on the southern bank of the Yarra River. I think it is our civic duty to better document this essential piece of the mosaic that is Melbourne.

10am Saturday at Princes Bridge. Your friends may like to come along as well - so why not invite everyone you know to bring their cameras as well.


  1. funny you should mention southgate, I was on a W Class tram earlier on today and in amongst the advertising for the new express post service, parahan market, and say not to sex campaign there was an ad for the grand opening of southgate.

    felt like i was in a time warp.

    didn't realise there was a photography ban on Southgate. i don't understand the rationale for doing such a thing. soon they'll ban photography at flinders street and the loop stations.

    oh wait...

  2. There wasn't the one, 'Get secure well paid employment on Melbourne's trams? Go to 616 Lt Collins St and ask about the take home pay', Along with a picture of a prototype Z tram.