Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rowena Wallace Wah Wah

The Rovers. Such a nice looking slim young lass actor on a boat in the north of Australia.

Bashed off today to see Wah Wah at Como Cinema. Not a bad 'little' movie. I asked R if we could go a bit early and have coffee first. Ever obliging, he said yes. We sat next to an interesting looking woman on the pavement of Toorak Road. I said to R, isn't that Rowena Wallace? He confirmed. Dark glasses made her a bit hard to identify, but it was her. Her of The Rovers and other shows, Pat the Rat in some other show.

She is a bit bigger than she was twenty plus years ago, but ok, so am I. She has lines on her face, but ok, maybe I detect a slight line in the morning when I am shaving. Her clothes were good, stylish, but maybe I looked ok too in all cinema going black.

She was on the verge of being imprisoned for social security fraud a couple of years, and that is where we depart.

We also depart on she had serious sad downward lines from her mouth. She had a hard time of it I suppose and no friends now, but what happened to cause her to have such sour mouth lines.

Really sad. Iooked on the net for a current pic of her and there none as she is now.

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