Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rochy but not beyond

In the eighties we had two dyke friends who were partners. At some point the friendship ended but we had many good times together. One of the girl's mother was a matron at Elmore Hospital but she had retired when we met her. The hospital was saved not long ago by action of local people. She openly welcomed us as visitors to her home on more than one occasion.

It was a bit of an odd house, probably built in the sixties. It was cream brick veneer, and if you must live in a sixties brick veneer, this one wasn't bad. It's shape could be described as a flattened horse shoe or a boomerang. It started bedroom, then bathroom, laundry, entrance. Then on to kitchen which had two stainless steel commercial ovens and a huge gas fired stainless steel cook top. I had never seen anything like this nor had I seen a double sink with a smaller in between sink and then huge draining boards. There were many many cupboards.

The dining lounge area was an elongated but huge room. The fireplace was maybe two metres wide and did it heat. In case it didn't, there was some sort of supplementary heating, like a heat pump or similar.

The last area had two bedrooms, a sewing room and a bathroom.

The house was carpeted not with wall to wall, but with runs. That is runs of carpet are laid from wall to wall. There was no pretence about joins. The edges were obvious. I believe to carpet in this way is very expensive. The lighting was also very good, with lots of wall lights and minimal harsh overhead lighting.

The views were of the street, the side street and then maybe twenty metres away, the Campaspie River.

Our friend's mother designed it herself and although quite unusual, it worked really well.

She was a very busy person, rushing from pottery classes in Elmore, to China painting in Moama to volunteering at the hospital to catering.

A story I still dine out on when on the odd occasion the subject of wedding cakes arises, was when she was commissioned to make and deliver a wedding cake. She made the cake and popped ir into the boot of her Renault 16. In the main street of Elmore, witnessed by locals, another motorist made a very stupid move and caused Vi to mount a footpath and swerve around a verandah pole to avoid a collision. Upon arrival at the wedding reception, she opened the boot and the car jack was sitting fair and square in the middle of the wedding cake. It was patched up with cream later.

Our friend's mother could not possibly be still alive and living in the house, but on our way to stepmother's we turned into the street to have a look at the house. It was so long ago, I could not possibly remember where it was with out the help of
I looked in advance and recognised the street name. We found it easily enough.

Our dyke friend was a passionate Volkswagon lover. What do you think we saw sitting in the front yard of the house? An old but beautifully maintained Volksy. Too much of a co-incidence. Daughter must have returned from New Zealand and is living there.

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